Outsourcing & ICT - Smart & Reliable

BlissOne MEDIA is a company which was started with the aim of providing outsourcing and ICT services to local and international clients.


At BlissOne Media, our goal is to provide our clients the highest quality service. To this end, our staff of data entry clerks, word processors and technicians is top of the range. BlissOne Media has the service solutions your company requires. We have developed the knowledge and resources to provide our clients with services that meet their requirements. Our Services Portfolio is constantly being developed to meet your needs for today and tomorrow. These capabilities coupled with our need to be the leader in computer services provision, position us well to be your outsourcing and computer support vendor.

As day-to-day operations become more and more dependent on computer technology, the need to remain constantly connected to customers, sales people and management is becoming the norm. In this new wired world, the ability to keep systems in good shape is tied directly to productivity and success. 

Flexible service programs are available for a variety of customers. In addition, BlissOne Media works very closely with international businesses so our team of employees is able to provide the very best possible service.

With constant internet access an a working center that has over 10 computers, printers, scanners and a fax machine, BlissOne MEDIA is possibly the best outsourcing provider in Uganda