About Us

BlissOne Media is a company engaged in providing Outsourcing and Information Technology services in the southwestern part of Uganda. BlissOne Media is located at Plot 37, High Street, Mbarara.

Our Mission
BlissOne Media’s mission is to become the single comprehensive resource for outsourcing, computer and network services.

Today's complex, emerging technologies and heightened service needs make support services more crucial than ever. Your competitive edge hinges on having a service vendor with the skill, reliability, and experience to provide a wide range of service offerings at reasonable prices. A full service provider who can tackle all of your support requirements, BlissOne Media is a single source for all your outsoucing and computer services needs.  

Quality Personnel
We realize the importance of the quality of personnel in the overall quality of service rendered. BlissOne Media personnel have been carefully selected for their skills, resourcefulness, attitude and work ethic. In addition, our people have extensive experience on a wide variety of hardware and software products and because of this; we ensure the quickest solutions to your outsourcing and computing contracts. BlissOne Media’s management is committed to customer satisfaction. With extensive backgrounds in the computer industry, our hands-on experience is a direct result of having come up through the ranks, enhancing our understanding of what the customer needs.